Step IV: After jobs have finished

Step 3.1. Merge the results and provenance

Once all jobs have finished, the results will be on different branches. Please use babs-merge to merge the results and provenance from all the successfully finished jobs:

babs-merge \
    --project-root /path/to/my_BABS_project

See babs-merge: Merge results and provenance for details.

If babs-merge finishes successfully, you'll see:

`babs-merge` was successful!

Otherwise, there were some warnings or errors.

Step 3.2. Get the results

Now you can get the results out by cloning the output RIA:

datalad clone \
    ria+file:///absolute/path/to/my_BABS_project/output_ria#~data \

Please replace /absolute/path/to/my_BABS_project with the full path to your BABS project root directory. Here my_BABS_project_outputs is an example clone of the output RIA.

Now, in my_BABS_project_outputs, you should be able to see zip files containing the results for all subjects (and sessions). You can access the contents of one zip file via:

datalad get

And you can unzip it via: